Go all in online for
Go Local First


It's easy to support and find local businesses near you so you can do your part to GO LOCAL FIRST and keep our economy strong. Here are some ways you can go ALL IN online for GO LOCAL FIRST and help small business.


Use Maps to Go Local First

Going local first is easy. Using a Maps application to search for businesses in your local community makes it even easier. These applications show you all the local businesses within your community radius which makes it easy to find businesses to GO LOCAL FIRST with.


Super Charge your Go Local First Powers

When searching for a local business, make sure to add ‘NEAR ME’ to your searches. This works to promote local businesses and helps you, and your local community GO LOCAL FIRST more easily.


Dig a Little Deeper and See them all

Click ‘VIEW ALL’ at the bottom of location listings and in your searches. This helps you see all the listings in your local area and makes sure you don’t miss out on any small businesses.


Put your money where it's needed most!

Add in ‘FAMILY-OWNED’ when searching. Like ‘FAMILY-OWNED BURGER STORE’ or ‘FAMILY-OWNED GROCERY STORE’. This is a quick and easy trick to ensure your dollars are going to family-owned small business, where they’re needed most.


Set and forget

Change the preferences on your mobile device and browser to make sure you are always seeing local business results first. Do this once and it all happens in the background.

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Find local small businesses on online marketplaces

Look at eBay, Facebook and other online marketplaces and platforms to see if your local small businesses have a presence on there if you can’t physically go to the store and buy their products.


Check out local community groups and pages

Local Facebook groups and online trading posts are a treasure trove of information on local businesses. These include community feedback and are businesses locals vouch for, so spend some time looking through them.


Online business databases

There are multiple online business databases showcasing local businesses in your area. Though they might not always be up to date, these give you a great idea of the local businesses near you.