Newsagents help make Australian communities work. Whether its sending mail to your loved ones, picking up a gift for the kids, or grabbing the paper, newsagents keep our communities running. Australia’s newsagents are mostly small businesses, run by families and often passed down from generation to generation.

Through the pandemic people have relied on their local newsagents to keep them connected to isolated loved ones or provide them with the small comforts of life like their favourite magazine or a lottery ticket. We owe it to them to keep doors open, so pop down to your local newsagents and GO LOCAL FIRST.

The Facts and Figures on Newsagents


  • Newsagents make up the largest non-franchised family-owned business sector in Australia.
  • Newsagents aren’t just for news! Most newsagents have a whole range of goodies including essentials, homewares, and last-minute gifts.
  • The earliest reference to an Australian community newsagent was in 1855! That’s nearly 170 years keeping the community updated.
  • Newsagents have been designated an essential business through lockdowns, because that’s exactly what they are! Essential to Australian communities.

Lucky Charm
City Rail – WA

Say G’day to George, Lucky Charm City Rail’s proud owner.

Things start early for George. He’s up before the crack of dawn, making sure not to wake his wife before he heads to the store by 5:30 to open doors, still tired. The store has a ton of regulars, and he puts a smile on for their first customer at 5:45. George waits patiently to hear from his favourite customer – a local who calls every morning to see her lotto results, which always brings a smile to George’s face.

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The business got the name “Bertie’s” from Bertie Bertram, who ran it on his return to Australia after fghting in WWII. It was so successful it was the chosen supplier of meat for the Queen’s visit to Australia for the 1956 Melbourne Olympics – making them “Butchers to the Queen”.