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Support small businesses as Covid-19 assistance winds back – Media Release


Australians are urged take direct action by going local first to get small businesses through the pandemic as various assistance programs, like JobKeeper, payroll tax arrangements, and changes to the commercial tenancy code, come to an end or are reduced.

“The end of September was always going to be a milestone as various assistance programs, like JobKeeper and loan deferrals come to an end or are lessened,” said COSBOA President Mark McKenzie.

“Assistance from Government and banks were welcome to give small businesses a hand during lockdowns, but nothing Government can do will replace customers walking through the door.

“Now as these programs wind back, we need Australians to take direct action and GO LOCAL FIRST.

“People need to walk into their local small businesses, book a local tradie, or make an order online with a local small business,” said Mr McKenzie.

Data from the ABS shows small businesses have borne the brunt of job losses, with 10x as many jobs disappearing from small businesses as from large business, despite assistance. While there has been some recovery there is a long way to go.

“With far more jobs lost from small business than from large, despite assistance programs, it is so much more important for Australians to GO LOCAL FIRST and support small businesses in job creation as September – and many of these programs – come to an end.

“If you GO LOCAL FIRST and support small business, you will be directly contributing to saving jobs at the local stores and service providers you know and love. This will help them to survive and continue to serve their communities.

“But small businesses aren’t just employers, they’re integral to the soul of our communities. While choosing to GO LOCAL FIRST means you can directly contribute to helping to keep people in your community in work, it also helps keep the soul of your community alive,” said Mr McKenzie.

With the support of the Commonwealth Government, COSBOA has launched GO LOCAL FIRST, a six-month campaign urging Australians to choose to buy with small, local businesses and support the national economic recovery.

Information and resources on how to support small businesses can be found at


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