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Fresh data from the ABS showing almost 180,000 more people were in work in October compared to September was welcomed by The Council of Small Business Organisations.

“The fact another 180,000 people are in work over just a month is great news, as the economy begins its recovery from COVID-19,” said COSBOA Chief Executive Peter Strong.

“We’re normally pretty concerned when we see an increase in the unemployment rate but in this case, it isn’t all bad news.

“The unemployment rate increase is driven by the participation rate increase. That means more people are out looking for work because they are confident enough to try and get into the job market.”

COSBOA also welcomed the fall in the underemployment rate with more people in fulltime work.

“While the fresh data is certainly good news, the reality is we still have a long way to go on our COVID-19 recovery,” said Mr Strong.

“We saw ten times as many jobs lost in small business as we did in large – and small businesses employ more people than large.

“Small businesses are the engine room of the economy; we need to be putting them in a position to hire more staff to help in our economic recovery.

“We all need to GO LOCAL FIRST by walking through the doors of a small business, book a local tradie, or make an order from one online.

“If you GO LOCAL FIRST and support small business, you will be directly contributing to saving jobs at the local stores and service providers you know and love. This will help them get going again – and they’ll get us all going again.

With the support of the Commonwealth Government, COSBOA has launched GO LOCAL FIRST, a six-month campaign urging Australians to choose to buy with small, local businesses and support the national economic recovery.

For more information on the campaign or to be part of it, go to


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