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(Canberra) – Australians are being urged to continue to spend with local businesses as the GO LOCAL FIRST campaign returns to the airwaves today, with an initial focus on supporting small businesses affected by lockdowns.

GO LOCAL FIRST will highlight the crucial role small business plays in the nation’s economy and the continued need for Australians to GO LOCAL FIRST to support those small businesses as the Delta variant of COVID-19 wreaks havoc with the ability of small businesses to keep trading.

GO LOCAL FIRST spokesperson Mark McKenzie said: “Small businesses account for just over one-third of Australia’s GDP and a full economic recovery will not be possible without small businesses trading and providing jobs for their community.

“Far more jobs have been lost from small businesses than large during lockdowns – and that was before the significant downturn in activity we are seeing in parts of the country affected by the Delta variant of COVID-19.”

GO LOCAL FIRST will build on its success in encouraging Australians to choose local small businesses, in a COVID-safe way, when buying products and services to support local jobs in every community.

“We had plans for a launch event, but we faced the same uncertainty as small businesses across the country and were forced to cancel. The fact major cities are back in lockdown reinforces the need to continue to GO LOCAL FIRST, to support small businesses and recreate the jobs lost in local communities,” said Mr McKenzie.

“The reality is small local businesses are less equipped to cope with lockdowns, and many of our small businesses are service-based, meaning they can’t shift to remote working. These small local businesses need Australians to get out there, spending and shopping locally.”

“While so much progress has been made over the past year, Australians need to continue to get out there and support their local tradespeople, butchers, pharmacists, bookkeepers, and goods producers like wineries and farmers,” said Mr McKenzie.

“When you shop locally, your money stays in your community, meaning local small businesses will still be there to employ their locals as we emerge out of the pandemic.”

In supporting small business, be sure to adhere to the health advice to keep yourself and your community safe.

From today, the GO LOCAL FIRST campaign will be rolled out on outdoor, radio, and digital advertising.

It is funded by the Commonwealth Government and delivered by the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia.

For more information on the campaign or to be part of it, go to

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