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Yvonne, Owner, Marulan Meats

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This is Yvonne, the proud owner of Marulan Meats. Yvonne purchased the store three years ago, but the store has a long tradition of serving its local community, and has been a butchery since 1868.

The original owner – Granny Felton, supplied the community with local Australian produce until she retired at 93 years old, and Yvonne says she can still feel her presence in store some mornings. Yvonne is proud to continue Granny’s work, and sources local products direct from Marulan’s farmers.

The tight-knit community of Marulan turned the lockdowns into a positive experience for Yvonne. Instead of travelling to larger cities to shop, Marulan locals have rallied around their community and have chosen to buy produce from loca stores like Yvonne’s, helping keep their doors open.

Yvonne says that although the restrictions were a massive change for the rural town, her regulars adapted quickly, and she was quickly reminded of the importance of community support – her main concern was making sure they had enough stock!

To return the support to her community, Yvonne runs sausage sizzles for the local school, local sports clubs, and their pub, something she misses as COVID-19 draws on. The store also provided food for their local firefighters during the recent bushfires.

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