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Will, Owner/Operator, William Hancock Guitars

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Will’s journey into guitar making began when he was just two years old. After picking up a guitar (that was much bigger than him!) and begging his Mum to play a bedtime song, he fell in love with both music and guitars.

Fast forward to 2006 and Will was looking for work after his plans in the music-business soured, and he pondered what to do for the next stage of his life. After stumbling upon an ad for guitar making classes, and after a year working for a guitar importer learning guitar set-up and logistics, Will knew what to do and the rest is history!

Will is now proud to create bespoke stringed instruments, made to order from repurposed Australian timber, which he says are the best in the business, and better than any factory-made guitar could ever be.

When he needs a break from his bespoke creations, Will organises frequent networking events for guitar makers, which he’s called “The Luthiers Lounge”.

Will loves spending his Sundays at these events, as it allows him and his bunch of passionate guitar-makers to have a beer and a chat about some of the instruments they’re working on.

Will is most proud of his first line of guitars, a bespoke line of traveler guitars, which are quarter-size guitars with full-sized fingerboard which are perfect for youngsters to practice, or for adults to take to the beach.

If you’re musically inclined make sure you check out some of Will’s creations – they’re one-of-a-kind pieces, and you’ll get the added bonus of knowing you’re supporting your locals!

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