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Wendy, Owner, Platypus Dreamin’ Cultural Education

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Wendy started Platypus Dreamin’ in 2016 to educate her community and raise awareness of Australian indigenous culture.

Since then, Wendy has run cultural programs, medicine walks, and traditional smoking ceremonies for locals of all ages, from preschoolers to teachers.

Although officially starting Platypus Dreamin’ four years ago, Wendy has been spreading awareness of her traditional heritage for over 30 years, and says she learned everything from the elders in her community.

A social worker by training, Wendy is so committed to connecting her locals with their roots that she often works for less than the price of a cup of coffee – something she is more than happy to do.

Unfortunately, Wendy was heavily affected by the recent bushfires, which meant that when the pandemic made her unable to operate it hit twice as hard as many customers cancelled their programs.

Despite this, Wendy refuses to give up, taking the time to set up an online presence, attend educational seminars and making calls to her assist her community when possible.

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