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Trefor, Owner, Paradise Bookshop

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Say hi to Trefor, who’s been the proprietor of Paradise Bookshop down in Daylesford for almost thirty years. Trefor says that Paradise Bookshop is a destination bookshop, and customers have told him that they’ve come to Daylesford only to visit his store! Others say that their trip down south wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the bookshop.

He even recalls that a sixteen-year-old Melbourne resident chose to travel to visit the bookshop for her birthday gift! Once when their power went out, a couple who had travelled for two hours to visit the store used their flashlights to browse as they had made a huge detour to see it with their own eyes.

Paradise bookshop isn’t your run-of-the-mill store. Their beautiful brick-and-mortar store is spread across fourteen sprawling rooms on two floors, which gives their locals the opportunity for a gloriously indulgent browse.

For Trefor, the local community is immensely important. He says they stayed open throughout the pandemic as he believes his locals need access to books to distract them and to keep their mental health and well-being strong. The local community has always supported them deeply, so when the library was forced to close, they stayed open as Trefor wanted to be there for his locals when they needed him.

The Daylesford locals are super loyal to local businesses, and often choose to shop within their local community before going further afield, which Trefor says creates a super strong sense of community – although he wishes more regional towns would follow their lead!

If you’re ever in the area, make sure you give Trefor’s one of a kind store for your own eyes, and in the meantime, GO LOCAL FIRST whenever you can!

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