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Tony and Sophie, Owners, Aznu Automotive

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Meet Tony and Sophie, the couple that founded Lismore’s go-to automotive workshop. The couple founded Aznu Automotive from scratch and with no clientele, but they worked tirelessly and a year later they have built up a fantastic reputation in their local community and have a loyal client base to go with it.

The onset of COVID-19 meant an uptick in work for the team at Aznu Automotive, as their locals have more free time and are paying increased attention to the cleanliness of their cars. To make sure their customers are protected and feel safe, the store has increased their attention to hygiene, and have implemented extra precautions, including providing hand sanitiser in store and disinfecting cars before returning them to their customers.

Lismore’s tight-knit community has made weathering the storm of COVID much easier. Their customers have been fantastic through all of this and have responded outstandingly well. Tony says that they all understand they are in this with each other, and that the only way to get to the other side is by following procedures, together.

Although a relatively new business, Tony and Sophie previously teamed up with their local AFL team, the Lismore Swans, to offer all their members a 5 per cent discount at the workshop. They hope to find more opportunities to sponsor local teams and support their community further down the track as the business grows.

But until then, Tony and Sophie will be there for all their community’s automotive needs.

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