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Tom, Owner, Sutton Forest General Store

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Tom and Amanda Tziallas have owned the Sutton Forest General Store for 2 years. They have survived the bushfires, which came within a few hundred metres of their shop, only to be pushed to their limits by the COVID-19 pandemic.

They expanded the fruit and vegetable offering into a café selling locally made food.  Their fruit and vegetables are bought locally wherever possible, so are their jams and breads. Because they do not have the scale to invest in large refrigerated storage they buy small quantities of produce often.

While this was driven by economic necessity it has become a virtue- nothing you buy from Tom and Amanda has been in cold storage for weeks. It is picked, transported fresh and sold quickly, still fresh. They rely mostly on family to work in the business.

They love being part of the Sutton Forest community, love to support local activities and support other local small business providers.

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