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Tania, Owner, Allure Derma Skin Cosmetics

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When Tania opened Allure Derma six years ago, she covered over a 1000 kilometres a week travelling between her part time job at the Grafton Hospital emergency department and the clinic. From her humble beginnings starting out renting a space at a local Grafton day spa, Tania has grown Allure Derma into a fully fledged skincare clinic, and they’re now onto their third premises as they continue to grow.

Unfortunately, despite all her hard work Tania was not immune to the effects of the pandemic. Allure Derma closed doors at the end of March and was unable to open again until the beginning of June. The sudden stop affected Tania both emotionally and financially. Thankfully she had her supportive staff to fall back on, and took up work at the local hospital throughout the closure, which was a blessing but she missed her day-to-day at the clinic.

When they were able to reopen, like most businesses they had to modify their practices, but as they’re a medical clinic they’ve always had strict hygiene practice in place so it wasn’t too much of a change. Things are getting back up to speed at the clinic, but they’ve had to decrease the number of appointments to allow for disinfection and can only have one person in their reception at a time. Tania still wanted to be there for her locals, so she extended their opening times to make sure she can attend to all her clients.

Since starting Allure Derma Tania has been a big supporter of local sporting events and charities, and she’s provided prizes, vouchers and monetary contributions to help them, as well as run fundraisers. Tania is deeply involved in Grafton’s local horse sport events, and she loves supporting them whenever she can.

Tania, like so many other small business owners is doing it tough at the moment, so she’ll have to be cautious with her finances, but she’s keen to continue support her locals into the future. Tania is most upset that so many of her local events have been cancelled, as misses the sense of community they give.

Tania has managed to find a silver lining in a dark situation, as more and more people are buying and supporting local businesses due to the restrictions, so their bookings increased after reopening in June. Tania says that although COVID has been debilitating, she believes it’ll turn into a positive for communities around Australia. She loves that more local businesses are being supported and she can’t wait to see how they turn the support around and return it to their local area.

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