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Steven, General Manager, Otherside Brewing Company

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Since their origins in 2016, Otherside Brewing Company has been on quite a journey. What started as a one-off brew for a local music festival soon turned into a ‘gypsy’ brewery where Otherside were brewing their beer using other people’s equipment. After seeing the love for their product, they made the decision to expand and now boast a brewery, tap house and adjoining bar.

Like many small businesses in the food and beverage industry, restrictions hit the team at Otherside hard. They were forced to shut all their venues which was made worse when their partners had to close nationwide, meaning they couldn’t shift any of their beer.

Thankfully, Otherside was extremely well prepared going into the lockdown. Their online store was live within 24 hours of lockdown starting, which allowed them to deliver beer to their customers nationwide while keeping their sales and delivery teams employed and on the road. Steven says their customers were amazingly supportive of their online store, and their loyal customer base got behind them and got them through to the “otherside”.

The team also used this opportunity to flex their creative muscles, and with block branding launched a new product named Plan C. Plan C was designed as a budget craft beer that customers could buy to keep the production team working over the lockdown period, while also providing an affordable brew for those doing it tough.

Otherside has become an active member of their local community in the years since building their facility. Core to their business model is their “Tapped by Otherside” grant program, which helps promote local creatives and musicians. The team at Otherside believe deeply in supporting local business, creatives, and musicians, and their “Tapped” program will continue regardless of the lockdowns.

The restrictions allowed Otherside to become more efficient and spurred them to launch their online store, which has proved to be a successful part of their business. For Steven, the team is “the stitching that holds the business together”, and they could not have survived 2020 without them.  He looks forward to further developing the team culture throughout the rest of 2020.

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