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Simon, Owner, Militem Apparel

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When Simon came up with the idea for a clothing brand four years ago, he says it was a bit of a joke – an idea that he didn’t think would go anywhere.

Four years on, Militem is achieving their dream – to create clothing that supports the Men and Women of Australia’s front-line services. The team at Militem is now proud to include members from a range of essential services, from Policemen to Firemen.

Simon can’t believe how much the business has grown. If it weren’t for the ongoing pandemic, the team would have spent the year travelling the country attending events and promoting the brand, something they rely heavily on. Although the pandemic cancelled the majority of these events in 2020, they look forward to being able to tour in 2021.

Simon’s main takeaway from COVID-19 is the importance of digital marketing, something he says will continue to use once normal life returns. During the downtime he took the time to learn online marketing skills to develop Militem’s online store, which allowed them to get through the lockdowns relatively unscathed. This was made easier by the store’s amazing customers who continue to support them, knowing they will still be there in 2021.

Aside from supporting Australia’s front-line workers, Simon started the brand to support his long-term project, a fundraising campaign that aims to build a retreat from victims of PTSD and their families.

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