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Shaun, Founder, The Marble Man

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The Marble Man origins lie all the way back in 1991, after sixteen-year-old Shaun began working in his father’s stone manufacture and installation business. Shaun played a small role at the beginning, repairing small chips and cracks in newly installed benchtops, but his services were quickly requested by other manufacturers, and so he quickly noticed a gap in the market.

And so, The Marble Man was born, and he proudly provides stone restoration and repair services for the Gold Coast’s locals.

With the restrictions imposed by the Queensland government, Shaun was forced to pivot the business and adjust to meet all the requirements to ensure their technicians and customers felt safe, and work could continue. Thankfully, with people working from home Shaun could plan work, and managed to continue to trade.

The cost of all these changes piled up, and the cost of supplying their team with fresh PPE while working added up. There was a drop in demand for their services as logistics were complicated and their customers didn’t want to wait. All their customers who went through with work were thrilled they were taking the necessary safety precautions and thanked them for keeping them COVID-safe.

The Marble Man has provided donations to cancer charities, as well as to their local surf club, but unfortunately their donations will be reduced as little as they bear the economic cost of the pandemic.

Shaun says that his team showed unity and responsibility throughout the pandemic so far, which he’s deeply thankful for.

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