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Sam, Owner, Pork Ewe Deli

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Meet Sam, the owner of Mayfield’s favourite deli. When Sam came home from her travels around Europe, she missed walking the streets and tasting all the incredible food there was to offer. To satisfy her own cravings and bring the amazing fare to the foodies in her community, Sam bought Pork Ewe Deli back in 2014.

Like so many other small business owners, the pandemic meant that Sam couldn’t have as many customers perusing the store as usual, which is a key part of her business. They were forced to place their cooking classes on hold, which was tough as this is one of the most popular offerings in the deli. In space of the cooking classes, they launched the ‘Cooking with Ewe’ online club, where they feature a new recipe each month and create ingredient packs to accompany a video of the team preparing the dish.

Sam stepped up their communications through email and social media in order to stay connected with their customers. To set them apart they’ve increased their offerings for platters and added in extra products such as dinner packs and fruit and veg boxes. On top of this, to make sure their customers remain safe, all of their new initiatives are available as contactless kerbside pick-up or local delivery.

There have been a few positives through all this. Sam says that due to the closure of restaurants and cafes, people have been looking for more ways they can indulge from home or celebrate a special occasion they might normally do in a restaurant. The store went through a real swell of support from their loyal customers, who were all keen to support small local businesses. Their online cooking club and ingredient packs have been a huge hit and they look forward to continuing them in the future.

Through this time, Pork Ewe Deli has partnered with a few local businesses that were worst affected by COVID, such as their local florists and fruit/veg retailers to help them move products through the store, which their locals are much appreciative of. The store remains in a good position to support their community thanks to the deep support of their locals, and they look forward to continuing to support Mayfield’s community.

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