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Russell, Owner, Access Workwear

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Russell purchased Access Workwear in 2018, but the site has been Ringwood East’s destination for workwear for over 30 years. Originally set up by two brothers as Wrights Workwear, the store was purchased by a chain before being brought full circle, back into the hands of Russell and his brother, Paul.

Unfortunately, the spread of COVID-19 saw a significant reduction in business for Russell. Instead of letting this get him down, he put his energy into increasing their online presence, working more closely with local traders, and starting to deliver direct to customers.

Throughout the pandemic Russell says he has found a new level support for his local, family owned business. This is especially important to him as one of the core values of his business is involvement in the local community, reflected through the store’s sponsorship of local football clubs and school projects.

Even though the lockdown has suspended play for the season, Access Workwear’s sponsorship will continue regardless of the cancellation, as the club’s members are outstanding supporters of the business.

Russell has been resilient through this with the help of his extraordinary staff, who remained flexible and adapted to changing dynamics and pressures while continuing to add value to the business each day.

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