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Rhonda and Stephanie, Owners, The Green Store

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Meet Rhonda and Stephanie, the mother-daughter team who own and operate The Green Store in Trentham. Rhonda and Stephanie started out back in 1995 at their original Fairfield location, and moved to their central Trentham location five years ago. Although they started 25 years ago, they set up one of the first sustainable stores, and they have customers who still come in to say they’re still using their products they purchased back in 1995.

The small, family run business is their locals’ go-to spot for sustainable lifestyle goods and homewares, as well as a general store for home, garden, body and baby. The store specializes in natural, organic, and ethically sourced products that have a focus on thoughtful design and functionality.

Along with their Australian made homewares and fashion, Rhonda and Stephanie offer myotherapy consultation, massage therapy and beauty treatments in their wonderfully kitted-out treatment room.

The support that the mother-daughter team have received from their locals has been immense. Rhonda says that its been such a wonderful benefit to moving to the area, and that they’ve made some truly beautiful connections with so many locals and visitors to the region.

The team is most proud of their building. Although it’s only five years old, they took so much care to make sure it matched the beautiful old shop facades along the picturesque Market Street. They say that they constantly have locals and former residents tell them how fantastic the building looks for its age, and that they remembered it as something else – little do they know its only just been built!

If you’re ever in the area, Rhonda and Stephanie recommend the walking trails around Trentham – particularly the Lederberg Heritage River walk on the old railway line. For them, time spent in nature is never wasted, so they may as well make the most of their beautiful surroundings!

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