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Renee, Founder, Loanezi

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Meet Renee, the founder of Loanezi, the Gold Coast’s go-to provider for small business finance. After identifying a gap in the market while working her previous job, Renee decided to use her years of finance experience to start Loanezi. Renee backed the idea so much that she used her own money to fund the business, and her determination allowed Loanezi to turn a profit within the first six months. The team has grown since, and now employs staff fluent in Arabic, Korean, Afrikaans and Philipino, which has attracted a diverse range of clients.

Loanezi’s core business is providing finance for small and medium businesses – 80 per cent of their business is providing finance solutions for SME’s. As small businesses have been affected most by the pandemic, restrictions meant that Loanezi’s business dropped nearly 70 per cent between March and June.

Luckily, Renee’s years of experience gave her the foresight to pivot and focus on their larger businesses, which allowed them to weather the storm of COVID and continue to help their local small businesses.  The business has picked up again in the last few months, which the Loanezi team is deeply thankful for.

Renee strongly believes in giving back at both the local and international level. Loanezi has partnered with Buy1Give1 since the start and is proud to have supplied over 750,000 donations to date. Renee has used her position as Director of the Commercial and Asset Finance Brokers Association to set up a committee encouraging cultural diversity and supporting women’s careers.

At the local level, Renee offers mentoring to females in her community, participates in fundraisers for the local Currumbin Community special school, and recently partnered with Gold Coast charity Work Ways, which helps people with disabilities find employment.

Giving back is a core part of Loanezi’s vision, and these donations will continue even through the tougher months. Renee says there has never been a more rewarding time to help businesses, and she looks forward to continuing to help her local community.

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