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Rebecca, Founder, The Fold Media

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Meet Rebecca, the founder of the Southern Highlands’ one-stop-shop for all things trendy and local business. She started The Fold Media back in 2017 and says she LOVED her start-up days. They created their website and social media profiles and immediately started to showcase the beautiful Southern Highlands businesses and their people, and their audience grew exponentially.

As Rebecca and the team showcase some of the region’s hidden gems and unique activities, since lockdown started they’ve had a huge spike in traffic towards their site.

Small businesses have been hard hit by the pandemic, and many of the small businesses couldn’t afford to pay for advertising, so The Fold kept on marketing as many as they could and continued to do their best to create interesting content for their audience to help as many local businesses as possible.

The Fold team transitioned to work-from-home when lockdowns hit, which meant the introduction of new processes to make sure the operation ran smoothly, but this all went off without a hitch which made Rebecca super relieved!

Rebecca says their local audience has been so passionate about finding ways to support local businesses, now more so than ever.  Rebecca shares that “It’s been inspiring to see how the Southern Highlands community rally together”, which has made it much easier for them to create great content.

The Fold is a business created to help keep locals in the know and, importantly, to help small local businesses, through-and-through. All their activities are for the betterment of their local community – the Southern Highlands, and they’ve created an online hub for all things happening in the area as well as a directory of local businesses and interesting articles showcasing locals and sharing their stories.

2020 has been crazy for The Southern Highlands. After being hit hard by bushfires early into the year, just as business was picking up again they went into lockdown.

Despite all this, Rebecca says that it has brought out the best in everyone in their community; the businesses dug deep, adapted, and found ways to keep going, and they remained active and watched as their locals supported these businesses like never before. They were inundated with messages from people asking which businesses they could support, which she says was beautiful to see.

Make a trip down to the Southern Highlands to see one of the most beautiful regions Australia has to offer. When you do, check out The Fold to make the most of your trip!

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