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Paola, Owner, TNY Beauty and Wellness

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Say Hi to Paola, the owner-operator of TNY Beauty and Wellness in Maclean. Two years ago, Paola was finally able to pursue her dream of creating a beautiful, calming salon, that her locals could go to and receive top quality treatments at affordable prices. At the outset Paola knew it was going to be a bumpy ride, but she wanted to be her own boss and refused to get a loan and become beholden to big banks, instead choosing to put her savings into the business and buy stock when needed.

Its been a tough ride for Paola, and there were times that she wasn’t making enough to pay rent, but she always had her locals to fall back on. She says the space is so eye-catching that tons of her locals would come in to give her a smile, or just to see what was on offer and to have a look at the space!

With the onset of COVID, Paola was given just 24 hours’ notice before she had to close doors. What hurt her most was the unknown – not being able to know how long their doors were closed for was devastating for Paola and the other small businesses around her. To make things worse, Paola is a personal trainer in her free time, and due to the restrictions she was forced to pause classes, further hurting her financially. Not being able to do what she loves was tough for Paola, and she admits she shed a couple tears before putting on her thinking hat and getting to work.

She came up with a plan, and when she was able to open doors she quickly made adjustments. Paola only allowed one customer in store at a time and stopped all walk-in appointments while also removing the magazines and toys she loved providing in reception. Paola is a self-proclaimed neat freak and says that the pandemic only made her OCD worse! She’s constantly wiping down surfaces, washing linen, and wiping the floor, which she doesn’t mind as she was doing it anyways.

Her local community have been amazing through all this. They’re always happy just to be able to come in and see Paola whenever they can, and the pandemic has reminded Maclean locals just how lucky they are to have so many amazing small businesses around them.

As sporting events still have many restrictions and are still in their early stages, Paola can’t provide the support she wishes she could, but she’s looking forward to being able to attend many of the local fundraisers in the community. If you’re ever in the area, make sure you visit Paola for all your beauty needs and Go Local First!

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