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Olivia, Founder, Travel Physio

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Meet Olivia, a digital physiotherapist and the founder of Travel Physio. Being based in Victoria meant that Olivia couldn’t provide her community with their usual physiotherapy services under the restrictions. Like many small business owners, Olivia persisted, and she founded Travel Physio in April.  Olivia now provides accessible, affordable, and safe physiotherapy programs throughout Australia.

Starting a new business during the pandemic was no small feat, but Olivia and her team worked extensively to spread awareness, seeking advice from marketing experts, and ramping up their efforts on social media.

Olivia’s mission is to make physiotherapy accessible to as many people as possible.  She made sure to work around her clients’ schedules and offered once-off home visits and complementary webinars for clients who were unsure about online consultations.

Amazingly, Olivia says her elderly clients have been embracing Travel Physio’s online consultations more than anyone. She says they love being able to receive care in their own home with minimal contact, and without having to arrange regular travel for appointments.

Olivia believes strongly in supporting her local community. As part of the business, Olivia has started a podcast where she interviews other local health professionals to share their knowledge, and she recently started to interview local small business to help them advertise their services and get the public support they need during these tough times.

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