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Nigel and Craig, Owners, Conquest Pools

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Nigel and Craig started Conquest Pools in 2013 as a one-stop-shop for landscaping, electrical work, fencing and pool installation. After seeing the region’s love for pools, they decided to focus on delivering pools as their primary business.

Unfortunately, the uncertainty brought about by COVID-19 meant less clients for Nigel and Craig. They didn’t let this discourage them, choosing to work harder and returning to their original business model. Thankfully, the locals were so supportive, their commitment and referrals allowed them to keep operating through the first lockdown.

As the summer approaches and lockdown continues, they say more and more people are choosing to spend their money on something they can enjoy locally and can be shared with their friends and family.

Nigel and Craig’s main takeaway from the pandemic is the value of their existing customers, and how important the goodwill of the community is to local business.

Conquest Pools is a proud supporter of community sport clubs, and although the recent lockdown suspended the season, Nigel and Craig will be there to support them once play resumes.

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