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Natasha, Owner, Tashly Consulting

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When Natasha started Tashly consulting back in 2000, she was a sole trader who helped small local businesses make sense of the newly introduced tax system. As technology has changed in the years since, Natasha saw the opportunity to embrace new online accounting solutions which has allowed the team at Tashly Consulting to service clients nationwide. Since their beginnings Natasha has focused on hiring locally, and as the team has expanded, they have employed four additional members from their local community to help out.

As the team operates using an online platform, they were very well suited for the transition to work-from-home when the pandemic hit. To make sure things went smoothly, they introduced Zoom meetings for their clients and introduced an online booking system for their local, rural, and interstate businesses that needed urgent accounting training. Thankfully, Natasha has focussed on developing their capacity to work remotely over the years, and she says that the pandemic reinforced this business model and that the transition was seamless.

While the Government stimulus packages for small businesses were extremely important, this increased Natasha’s workload greatly, as many of her clients needed help and advice navigating new regulations. This meant an increase in workload for the team at Tashly, and their days were long and mentally draining. Natasha found herself working 16-hour days while juggling home-schooling at the same time!

Natasha’s ties to her community run deep. Through these tough times she offered low-cost educational training via Zoom for businesses who needed additional assistance to use the Xero platform, for which she received outstanding feedback.

Natasha says that despite the mental and emotional strain 2020 has placed on the team, the experience has showed her extreme resilience and has highlighted the dedication of her team and the loyalty of her clients.

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