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Michelle and Daniel, Owners, Linnaea Vineyards

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Michelle and Daniel founded Linnaea Vineyards back in 2010 when they were a new couple with a small child, who’d moved to Melbourne not knowing any family or friends.

Michelle says the couple had plenty of knowledge and experience, but didn’t know where to begin besides knuckling down and crafting their wines! Ten years on, they’ve weathered the lonely days of their winemaking careers, and have grown from strength-to-strength.

Their main clients are Victoria’s many fabulous restaurants and wine bars, so when lockdowns hit they took it extra hard. They’ve managed to make it so that their doors are functionally open but given that the restaurants they rely on have closed doors, its easier said than done.

They’ve had to get creative with social media, re-jigging their website, and increasing their digital marketing, and they’re currently looking for some outside help to increase their sales.

On the vineyard, they’ve made sure all their activities are bee-friendly, so as not to hurt the vibrant ecosystem on the land, and they’re always working to promote the ecological restoration of their vineyard.

To stay connected with their locals throughout the closure, the couple has offered discounts to their local community, which comes with free delivery by Michelle and Daniel personally. Aside from this, they tried to create a bunch of interesting content for their friends who are bored and stuck in iso.

Michelle says that although its much easier to buy things online, don’t forget about your local wineries!

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