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Matthew and Tracy, Owners, Minarelli Smash Repairs

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Meet Matthew and Tracey, the husband-and-wife team who has run Minarelli Smash Repairs in Lismore since 2006. Although they bought the business 14 years ago, the workshop has been servicing Lismore’s locals since 1981. The repair business runs in Matthew’s blood, as both his parents and grandparents owned smash repair businesses, and the couple is proud to run a wholly family owned and operated shop, just like Matthew’s parents before them.

The team at Minarelli Smash Repairs believes in being proactive rather than reactive, as their business has always been about making sure their customers trust them and believe they will take excellent care of their vehicle.

Seeing the virus slowly creeping up on their community, they introduced social distancing and sanitizing procedures, and created a contactless repair service which allowed their customers to arrange a repair without any physical contact. Matthew says the well-being of their customers has always been the number one priority at Minarelli, so the team made sure to take all necessary precautions to keep them safe.

When things got tough, Matthew and Tracy had their loyal customer base to fall back on, who helped them get through this rough period. Their customers responded well to the changes in store and appreciated the thoughtful and careful way the couple approached COVID-19 – not to mention they loved the contactless repair system! If customers were unsure about going through with repairs, Matthew and Tracy took the time to explain their rigorous cleaning procedures and preventative measures, which always led to customers going through with their repairs.

The changes made during the pandemic will continue. Although these changes have not been easy, Matthew says that small business owners constantly face challenges and are incredibly resilient, so they’re used to it. Like so many other Australian small business owners, they will keep pressing forward despite the challenges.

To give back to their community, Minarelli Smash Repairs runs a strong education campaign to help their customers better understand their insurance policies. Aside from this, Matthew and Tracy donate to local events and provides sponsorship for their local football team, as well as being committed members of their local chamber of commerce.

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