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Maggie, Owner, Lakespa Wellness Centre

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Maggie started Lakespa Wellness Centre in 1985 to provide her local community with remedial massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, and naturopathy services. What started as a small home business is now a blossoming community that serves over 10,000 people each year, and includes a massage school. Instead of closing her doors during the pandemic, Maggie doubled down on service, choosing to keep her doors open to treat people who needed massage to manage pain.

Maggie ensured that a small team of specialised practitioners was available for people who needed essential pain therapy during lockdowns.

Her decades of experience proved critical in securing her patients’ safety in 2020. She introduced numerous sanitation and screening procedures, installing Perspex screens at reception, taking clients’ temperatures on arrival, screening phone bookings, and implementing strict social distancing guidelines.

Maggie prides herself on the relationships she has built with her local community. Even after operating the Wellness Centre for 35 years, she continues to build relationships, get to know her customers, and pay attention to clients’ needs.

She says her local community has been amazingly supportive, and that her long-established relationships with customers had led to June 2020 being the busiest month for the business in over three decades.

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