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Maddison, Owner and Founder, AMMO Hair and Beauty

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When Maddison founded AMMO Hair and Beauty back in 2016, the team was just her, a single hairdresser, and a single beautician operating out of one salon. Although they started small, she’s always been a trailblazer, as they were the first to offer a one-stop-shop for both hair and beauty for Maclean’s locals.

Our many hairdressers and salons have been hit so hard by the pandemic, and this was no different for Maddison. She’s had to shut down the beauty side of things, but thankfully they were able to remain open for hairdressing, which gave them a bit of income to keep doors open.

They’re now back to operating at full capacity, and couldn’t be happier to be back at work – although social distancing protocols can be a bit of a headache!

Maclean locals have such a strong sense of community, and they were super supportive throughout COVID, and really made an effort to look in their local community for any of their purchases, particularly for all their hair and skin needs.

In order to stay connected to their locals, when they were shut they started offering waxing kits and tutorials so that people could continue to feel their best despite being at home. Additionally, they started consulting with their clients via Zoom to assess their skin needs and supply products via home delivery if needed.

Maddison says some of their online and home delivery service will continue, as people can forget to put themselves first throughout all this commotion, and being able to get your beauty products delivered from your locals to your door makes this that much easier.

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