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Lynda, Leslie, and Rachel, Founders, Alice’s Journeys

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Lynda, Leslie and Rachel are the talented ladies behind Alice’s Journeys, the best way to get out and discover the living museum that is Daylesford. They’ve sussed out some of their community’s best walking trails that have a wealth of history, and they run tours every week where they share secrets and stories while visiting key sites around the town.

Whether you’re a local just looking to find out some more about your towns pre-colonial or prehistoric past, or a visitor who wants to found out some of the regions hidden gems, Lynda, Leslie and Rachel have got you covered.

They founded the business in April last year and were consistently running walking tours each week until COVID forced them to hit pause in April.

Alice’s Journeys is more than just a business for the trio, they really have a passion for spreading the wealth of history that exists right around them.

They’re so committed to this that they offer free tickets for people who want to join but may not be able to afford the ticket – they just want everyone to enjoy our local history and culture! For every ticket sold they also contribute $4 to the Daylesford Museum.

One of their most recent adventures was a visit from Aussie Road Crew Camping Safaris, who came and booked their walking tour. They facilitated a tour of twenty people of all abilities and ages, who all had an amazing time walking the back streets of beautiful Daylesford.

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