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Kieran, Owner, Quarterdeck Kitchen

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Kieran has been the proud owner of Quarterback Kitchen for the last three years. When he and his wife took over the restaurant it had fallen on hard times, but they fell in love with the view of the marina and persevered.

Even though the restaurant business is tough, Kieran says they never lost hope in their dream, and chose to invest in their employees in spite of the risks involved. Their hard work and determination paid off and business picked up over the last year as locals increasingly felt drawn to the business.

When the pandemic hit it was tough for the team at Quarterdeck. The new restrictions came not long after the bushfires at the start of the year, which increased their overhead. Being limited to takeaway was tough for the Quarterdeck team given their location at the end of the marina, as there is little foot traffic.

Kieran persevered, opening the restaurant from 7am-8pm every day, even bringing in his kids to help. The team used their downtime productively, investing in menu planning, painting the restaurant, and boosting their online delivery presence. The team’s hard work and dedication got them through the restrictions, and they’ve recently returned to their normal hours.

Quarterdeck has been a strong advocate for local business since their beginning. Kieran explains they only buy local Aussie seafood and source their alcohol from amazing local breweries and vineyards.

Amazingly, Kieran found a silver-lining a tough situation – he says the pandemic shined a light on the importance of supporting his local community. He believes the average person is paying more attention to where their produce comes from now more than ever before and he hopes this continues long after things return to normal.

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