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Kayla and Piers, Founders, Crema Joe

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Kayla and Piers started Crema Joe in 2014 to do their part to decrease the environmental impact of their favourite pastime – drinking coffee. In the years since, the reusable coffee pod company has grown exponentially, branching out to roast their own coffee and most recently launching a line of face mask ear savers made from recycled plastic.

Their fight against single use plastics didn’t stop there. They recently started a recycling program for the local community which has collected over 300,000 bottle caps, and started the local social enterprise, Precious Plastics Melbourne which repurposes waste materials into useful products.

Their commitment to sustainability earned Crema Joe bronze in the 2019 AusMumpreneur Sustainability Award, as well as a nomination in the 2020 Small Business Champion Awards environmental category.

As with many small businesses, the onset of COVID-19 meant the couple had to reduce staff onsite. Impressively, Kayla and her husband picked up the brunt of the physical work while juggling their four-year-old in the warehouse.

This didn’t leave much time to do anything else, but they say it was necessary – although they can’t wait until daycare opens again.

Thankfully, as the business is online they were able to continue to fulfil orders and retained most of their customers. They say the pandemic has made them more flexible to working from home, and this will continue when lockdown subsides.

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