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Kathleen and Elise, Owners, Capital Chemist

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As Calwell locals, Kathleen and Elise had long ties to Capital Chemist, a fixture in their community since 1992. Elise got the chance to purchase the branch in 2006, while Kathleen jumped on board in 2016.

Capital Chemist was Kathleen’s local pharmacy since she was a child, while Elise worked at the pharmacy as an assistant when she was a teenager.

The onset of COVID-19 in March saw a dramatic increase in patients wanting support from their community pharmacies. This increased demand meant they had to quickly find new staff to keep up with workload and delivery for patients in quarantine and isolation.

Noticing the severity of the pandemic, the team took proactive steps to protect their patients. They implemented measures ranging from installing a concierge outside the pharmacy to limit the number of people in the pharmacy, to bulking up the capacity of their home delivery service, and splitting the teams up to make sure the doors would stay open if a staff member came down with the virus. These measures will likely continue, because their number one priority is to protect locals.

Kathleen says she is deeply fortunate her customers are so patient and understanding, with some even bringing them chocolates and drawings to boost morale which made it that much easier to provide for their community during this difficult time.

Despite the challenging times, they made a priority of continuing to support local charities, Menslink and Rise Above Capital Region Cancer Relief, and even supplied local sporting teams with hand sanitiser, masks, and thermometers as restrictions eased.

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