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Jim and Amanda, Owners, NewsXpress Sandgate

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Jim and Amanda own Sandgate’s one-stop-shop and news agency. The store has been the go-to place for locals since 1995, but the couple have owned it for the past 11 years.

Jim and Amanda have always had a strong connection to their local community. Since the store’s early days, they have sought to get to know as many of their local community members as they could, sometimes bringing in their daughters to work in the store. As a family, they’ve been deeply involved with their local community, now celebrating life events with their long-time regulars, having become friends with many over the years.

More recently, Jim and Amanda have beefed up their hygiene protocols in-store, and ensure people are following social distancing guidelines to the letter. They’ve done their best to keep the doors open, in spite of the store’s sales suffering under restrictions. The new protocols have helped keep their community safe, but unfortunately hurt revenue for the business.

Thankfully, their regulars have been very supportive during these tough times, understanding that all changes have been made to ensure staff and customers’ wellbeing. One local resident even hand-made face masks for customers.

Jim says the pandemic is just another obstacle for their business, and he and Amanda will continue to listen to the needs of the community, and continue supporting local charities and schools.

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