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Jay, Owner, Constant Reader bookshop

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The independent book shop has been open since 1979 and only changed hands once – when Jay purchased the store from the previous owner, having worked at the shop for fifteen years.

Jay’s very proud of the independent village bookshop, and the literary culture of their local community, which has helped Constant Reader thrive and grow. The shop has been there so long, he says locals find it a ‘great place to escape’ or have ‘robust discussions’ about all sorts of their things – treating it almost as a second home through their personal good and bad times.

The shop has also supported the Writers at Stanton program, to help budding Australian authors pursue their dreams, by helping put on anywhere between 45 and 60 events a year – they can’t wait to start these again.

As embedded in the community as the shop is, they’re helping the local schools work out how to transfer their usual book fairs into an online, delivery system this year so the schools don’t lose out this year.

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