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Jason, Owner, Bertie’s Butcher

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Jason has been the proud owner of Bertie’s Butcher in Cremorne, Victoria, since 2012.

But the store has served the local community since 1871, making it the oldest butcher shop in Australia.

The business got the name “Bertie’s” from Bertie Bertram, who ran it on his return to Australia after fighting in WWII. It was so successful it was the chosen supplier of meat for the Queen’s visit to Australia for the 1956 Melbourne Olympics – making them “Butchers to the Queen”.

Throughout COVID-19, Bertie’s has received strong support from locals buying meat. This allowed the butchers to stay open, but they were forced to shut the café attached to the business.

Jason is deeply appreciative of the support from his customers during the pandemic, as now more than ever they are choosing to support local business instead of shopping at supermarkets.

Jason has also managed to find a silver lining – he thinks people will continue to cook at home more following the crisis, because it allows them to connect with family and friends safely.

It’s an uncertain time but one thing is sure: he couldn’t have stayed open without the support from his locals.

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