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Jackie and John, Owners, Winenutt

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Jackie and John decided to venture out and start Winenutt in 2019 to share their love of South Australia’s local wineries with the rest of Australia.

Unfortunately, the pandemic hit just 6 months after their launch, meaning the couple had to postpone many of the functions and tastings they had planned, while also increasing competition as more stores moved online.

Jackie and John refused to give up, organizing wine tasting packs and online wine tastings for their customers, which they loved – although they can’t wait to get the group together for a real meet and greet!

Thankfully, Jackie and John had their local community who provided fantastic support. The couple refocused their efforts on their local community and tried to support as many other small businesses in their immediate area. Winenutt had their first anniversary recently and the couple say the last year has taught them how important customer loyalty is.

Although a young business, Jackie and John believe it’s important to give back to their amazingly supportive community whenever they can. Winenutt has recently run a fundraiser for their local Football club which raised nearly $2,000 in a few weeks.

When business returns to normal, Jackie and John are looking to increase the support they give to their community and put some of their business plans in place, but for now the couple is focused on building their local presence and supporting their local businesses.

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