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George, Owner, Lucky Charm City Rail

Say G’day to George, Lucky Charm City Rail’s proud owner. Things start early for George. He’s up before the crack of dawn, making sure not to wake his wife before he heads to the store by 5:30 to open doors, still tired. From there, George collects the papers and magazines, making sure they’re displayed nicely for his customers, and the shutters finally open. The store has a ton of regulars, and he puts a smile on for their first customer at 5:45. George waits patiently to hear from his favourite customer – a local who calls every morning to see her lotto results, which always brings a smile to George’s face. Now its onto the morning commuter rush.

Lucky Charm City Rail is more than just a store, and George’s friendly face is always there to provide a joke or sarcastic comment – he says he’s never sure if customers come to the store to buy something or just to catch a laugh! George made it his mission throughout this year to get to know the names of all the homeless people that frequent the train station, and hes good friends with them now. He’s always there to help the seniors from his local community center with their Lotto forms, which is made better as they’re always promising him a milkshake if they win the millions!

From there, its back to his regular routine of helping customers with directions, train information, filling out their lotto coupons and more. He says the team at The Lucky Charm are all super smart, so they’ve got no problem answering whatever questions with a smile. Local newsagents are the heart and soul of our towns and cities, and they’re always there for us throughout our daily commute. Give your local newsagent a visit and see if they can beat George for friendliness!

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