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Gale, Founder, Palate and Pillow

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Most of us have been missing our family and friends throughout the pandemic. But when Covid-19 stopped Gale from enjoying that time, she knew she could do something to fix it.

Instead of relaxing during lockdown, she founded Palate and Pillow, which organises safe and intimate bespoke picnics for friends and family to enjoy outdoors.

Although a new direction from her day-to-day, Gale says the overwhelmingly positive response has been amazing and appreciates each and every client for their support through this challenging time. Her customers love having the privacy to enjoy their own space, and the convenience of arriving to a complete picnic. And Gale’s treats are always worth it!

Since Gale founded Palate and Pillow during the pandemic, to help people stay connected through it, her business has been luckier than some. Her strong commitment to her clients means ensuring everyone follows Covid-safe practices. And because the business is outdoor-only, social distancing is an easy requirement for people to comply with. Gale looks forward to things going back to normal, so more people can enjoy her picnics together with their loved ones.

Even though Palate and Pillow is very new, Gale knows the importance of giving back to the community. It’s why she buys stock exclusively from small local businesses in her own community. She looks forward to maintaining her support for local businesses as her own business grows, and is always looking for ways to provide services to the families in her community.

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