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Fran and Andrew, owners, Tree Chalet

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The Chalets at Tree Chalets were opened in September 2019, but the property has been in Fran’s family for more than 50 years. Back in 2008 Fran, along with the help of her husband, Andrew, and their children embarked on a mission to plant 6000 rosegum trees on the property.

After putting in the hard work, all the trees were planted and 11 years later they stand at over 25 metres tall. As the trees continued to grow and the vista became more and more beautiful, Fran and Andrew started to design individual chalets, and the idea for Tree Chalets came to life.

The property is eco-friendly and fully sustainable – their power comes from solar panels while their water comes from rainwater collection. Fran says their motto is “powered by sun, fed by rain”.

The pandemic forced Fran and Andrew to close doors for 6 weeks. Fran says it is so important to be flexible and mindful during these tough times, as you never know what people are going through and so she immediately refunded all bookings if requested with no questions asked. Her philosophy paid off, and many customers who had to cancel have rebooked since, and they are now busier than ever before.

When they reopened, their customers were understandably wary – Fran says that initially some guests were bringing all their meals, cooking utensils and bedding for the week! But when guests arrived they soon realised that this was not needed. The couple took care to reassure their customers when they spoke to them and made sure to follow all cleaning protocols. They took this time off to prepare two new bushwalks, one to show off the array of birds that live on the property, and the other so that their guests could see some of the 25 kangaroos that live around them.

The local community has always been central to the couple’s ethos. When they started they made the decision not to list the property through online travel agents, and instead hired local businesses to do all their marketing, graphic design and web design. Fran says they are proof that you don’t need big websites to be successful, just the support of your local community.

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