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Felicity, Owner, Scoops + Candy

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Say G’day to another business born just before the pandemic – Felicity, who founded Scoops and Candy in Lismore. They started trading with a brick-and-mortar store in February of this year, recruiting a bunch of their friends to fit out the shop themselves.

When they first opened Felicity and her partner were busy running two other businesses, but after making the tough decision to close doors due to COVID, they’re thrilled to be able to focus all their efforts into the new store for the future.

After fitting out the store and having COVID hit, they immediately decided to pivot into online business, which means they’re now able to send their confectionary all around Australia.

Although they weren’t hit too hard by lockdowns, Felicity says the toughest thing was trying to explain to the kids why they couldn’t enter the store due to capacity limits – all they wanted were their lollies!

Since they’re a relatively new store, their locals have been great rallying around them, and Felicity says a lot more people actually want to be supportive since they’re both new, and local.

Felicity has long supported her local community through her other business ventures, donating services to charities and the business community, and they’re looking to continue this with the new business. They donated chocolate to their local hospital children’s charity, who handed it out to the staff and families to make their Easter a little easier.

Make an effort to GO LOCAL FIRST this Halloween and shop with your local lollie shop. They’re one of the many small local businesses that make up the backbone of our economy, so why not help our recovery while you enjoy your sweet treats?

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