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Ericka, Owner, Murrumbeena Wine Bar

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Meet Ericka, who has been running live music and showcasing Australian boutique wineries, distilleries and breweries for her locals since last year. She’s got a great love for Australian tipples, and so it made so much sense to open up a space for her to share her passion with her community!

The hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit through COVID, and this was no different for Ericka. She was forced to close the bar when the pandemic hit, and due to restrictions in Victoria they remain closed. Refusing to give up, she’s pivoted to a take away delivery service, so she can continue to connect and support her locals through the restrictions.

Her locals have always been super careful to shop locally, and the Wine Bar has received excellent support. This continued through restrictions and transferred to their take-away service which was hugely popular with the locals.

To repay this support, Ericka sponsors the local football and netball club, as well as supporting the “Karma Keg” initiative when the bushfires hit. She also helps out her local school sorting out work experience. Although sporting competitions have hit pause for now, her sponsorship will commence once they’re allowed to get out and about again.

Looking to the future, Ericka has been so thrilled with the success of their takeaway service that shes hoping their takeaway license can become permanent so they can continue both in and out of store services.

Find your local bottle-o and see some of the amazing Australian-made tipples they have on offer!

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