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Deb, Owner, Twisted History & Geelong Gaol Museum

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Meet Deb, the owner of Twisted History & Geelong Gaol Museum for the last four years, but the museum and it’s company have been scaring Victoria’s locals for the last fifteen years.

As you can imagine, running ghost tours has given Deb a few noteworthy stories. One of their regulars is a lady who comes to the adult easter egg hunt every year, despite fainting when she sees scary faces! Another one of her favourites is when a customer came on their Haunted Halloween Zombie Run, and (despite lots of warnings) ran into a wall and knocked himself out.

Deb says their Ghost Tours are so scary they’ve had a heap of customers run out unable to complete the tours. On the weirder side of things, on one of their school tours, a student pulled out his glass eye to compare it to the guide’s creepy contact lenses! Deb’s full of so many great stories that could only come from operating her small business.

All their quirky characters and stories have made being unable to operate under the current restrictions much more difficult. They’ve tried to change and put out some content online, but it’s tough given they’re used to scaring people in the flesh.

Thankfully their customers have been so supportive and understanding, many accepting gift vouchers for their reopening rather than asking for refunds – which is amazing given many of them are in the same situation.

To give back, they offer fundraising tours for groups, reduced rates for school tours, and personalised tours for their customers. For the Geelong Gaol museum, they’re always willing to let the students in to film for their studies.

This support extends further as they provide sponsorship to their local schools and fairs. They even had a local dance school ask if they can use the front of the gaol for filming an end of year performance, which they obliged at no cost.

To get them through COVID, they’ve been holding regular online livestream paranormal investigations, and have introduced an online series of history talks called “Locked up with History”.

Deb says it’s been really hard not knowing how long before they can reopen, and the lack of clarity around if they’re allowed to operate at all. But they’re doing their best to stay engaged with their customers through livestreams and Facebook lives, but Deb says that all she really wants is to get back to doing what they love – sharing history in an entertaining way!

This is one you can’t miss out on. If you’re ever nearby give Deb and the rest of the team a visit and find out some local history in an amazing way!

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