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Danny, Owner, Mons Thai

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Meet Danny, the owner of Mons Thai up in sunny Queensland. The restaurant started out back in 2003 when Danny’s Dad decided to sell his delicious homemade curry pastes at farmers markets around Brisbane. 17 years on, they’ve ditched the farmers markets, and they’re now a family-run business with a restaurant.

When COVID hit, like so many other small businesses in hospitality, they had to pivot to a take-away only model. Although it was tough, the family is proud that they managed to keep doors open – their main challenges was keeping up with the 6pm takeaway rush!

Amazingly, as a ton of similar restaurants in their community shut, by keeping their doors open for takeaway they’ve actually found a heap of new customers who were looking to get their Thai-food fix. They also used their quieter periods to improve their dishes.

The restaurant makes sure to return support to their local community and supports local products even if it’s a better financial decision for them not to. Since COVID hit they switched their wine list to only include 100% Australian producers, and only serve wines produced in Queensland by the glass. They also switched their seafood supply so that they only use local fish.

On top of this, after realising how hard COVID hit their community, Danny, in partnership with another one of his family’s resturants, Pawpaw, donated hundreds of kilos of food to the homeless after they had to move to a takeaway model, and they donated their leftovers to a local charity every Monday.

Family-run and small businesses are a core part of the Australian economy, and they need our support now more than ever. Give Danny and the team a visit and Go Local First if you’re ever up in Queensland.

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