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Damien, Owner, Tiny Bear Distillery

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Meet Damien, the owner of Tiny Bear Distillery, who produce artisan Gin Whisky, and all things local and delicious. They were born back in 2017 after Damien, a long-time high school teacher decided it was time for a change and follow his dream.

Hes always had a passion to make the absolute best alcohol they can, and they’re fully committed to this, taking no shortcuts. Even better, they produce their offerings by employing local people, building their family and taking the utmost care in all aspects of the process.

Their name comes from their ethos. Tiny, because they choose to do everything in-house, meaning they make a tiny (but worth it) amount. The bear comes after some said that Damien looks like a bear (beard aside!) – but the real reason is a well-kept secret, so you’ll need to give them a visit to find out for yourself.

Sadly, with COVID, they’ve had to make the transition to an online-only model, and have been unable to run their amazing in-house tasting, masterclasses, and most of all their bottleshop.

This didn’t stop them returning their support to their community that has supported them for so long, and they’ve continued their contributions to their local community groups.

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