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Cynthia, Owner, Empower2Free

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Cynthia started Empower2Free in 2019 after noticing that important life skills are not taught in schools. A year later the business has grown in ways she never expected, and she now teaches money management and digital literacy skills to students from primary to senior school.

Before the pandemic, Cynthia enjoyed teaching face-to-face as she believes that body language feedback is a key part of teaching. With the onset of lockdowns, they paused face-to-face teaching and moved their workshops online.

This was tough for Cynthia to begin with, as she missed the personal touch of being in the classroom. She persevered, receiving support from her local council City of Canning to deliver online classes so students didn’t lose out. A self-directed e-learning program is also now available to keep students engaged at their preferred pace.

Although shifting to e-learning was tough, Cynthia is deeply appreciative of her supportive customers who were flexible and understanding through the transition to online learning.

Empower2free is a social enterprise and believes strongly in giving back to their community. Although just a year old, they plan to donate 30% of their profits to local charities, and partner with youth organisations to provide their services free of charge.

Recent events have taught Cynthia that despite going into lockdown, the community is ‘physically distanced, but not socially distanced’. She can’t express how thankful she is for the small businesses around her that have come together to rally during the pandemic.

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