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Annebelle, Founder, Fern & Frost

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After burning the candle at both ends for many years as a television stylist, Annebelle faced an all-consuming burnout and decided to reinvent herself, studying to become a yoga teacher. As a new teacher she established herself as The Yoga Stylist and found that her students loved the homemade eye pillows and meditations Annebelle would create for class, and the idea of Fern & Frost was born.

Annebelle went through her local startup program in 2019, Startup Gippsland, who helped her set up the business. Annebelle won the most improved entrepreneur in the program, and it was super encouraging to see the fruits of her hard work.

Since their start, Fern & Frost has been focused on locally made eco-conscious products, and Annebelle uses as many locally sourced products as possible, which their locals appreciate.

Since then, Annebelle has been pivoting the business to stay relevant to the needs of her clients throughout COVID, and she’s offered more meditations and expanded their product line to include luxury yoga props. Aside from this, Annebelle has moved all her yoga classes online – she figures that if everyone’s at home, they may as well roll out a yoga mat and take care of themselves.

Annebelle offered a few tips for small businesses. For retailers, make small quantities of your new products to test the market and to see how they are received before investing in them. She also says that price point is more crucial throughout the pandemic than ever before. It means quality is even more important as people closely watch the money they are prepared to spend.

She says the pandemic has brought her community closer together, and that her locals have come to trust her, both as a yoga teacher and as someone providing ways to stay calm and grounded through this tough time. She loves that these two aspects of her work have come together naturally this year to support her customers and community.

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