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Angi, Founder, Sweet July

Last year Angi finally decided to become her own boss and become one of Australia’s thousands of small business owners. She founded Sweet July, and started offering three different services: ready to go gifts, corporate gifts and events, and wedding gifts for goods for the bridal party.

Given that a big portion of the business relies on the wedding industry, all the poor couples who were forced to postpone their weddings due to restrictions made business tough for Angi.

Thankfully, since she’s her own boss she can be as flexible as needed when working with brides, her main hold up has been sourcing her products and getting them out on time due to postage delays. Most of her clients have been just as flexible as she has, which has made her job creating much easier!

Throughout the pandemic, Angi has made sure to take care of her customers as best as she can, since so many of them are Brides its been a very emotional time having to overhaul their dream day and readjust to the circumstances.

Sweet July is based on random acts of kindness. Their tagline is “the joy of giving” and Angi explains that its all about bringing out that inner happiness you get when you do something good for someone else. She says its scientifically proven to make you happier than receiving a gift, and that acts of kindness are both contagious and healthy.

She’s always making an effort to do little acts of kindness, one of her most frequent is to buy coffee for the next ten strangers after her in a coffee shop.

Angi’s biggest motivation is the positive feedback she’s gotten from her locals, and of course her amazing Southern Highlands community. She says it truly does feel like one big family, and its made it much easier to be away from her family living overseas, especially as the pandemic roars on.

Give them a visit and see if you can GO LOCAL FIRST when wedding season comes around!

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