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Alex, Owner, Bitten Goodfoods

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Alex and her partner John started building their health food supermarket and café business from scratch in 2017, with a focus on providing affordable health foods for their local community.

The business was affected by the bushfires which made the impact of the ensuing pandemic even more pronounced for local businesses across large parts of Australia’s south-east.

But operating both a café and a supermarket has allowed Bitten Goodfoods to weather the storm, and Alex continues to make sure that vulnerable members of the community have access to affordable health foods.

In the past Alex has provided vouchers to mental health awareness charities and contributed to promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly food sources. These initiatives have been affected by the downturn, as has been the case for many Australian small businesses that have seen significant changes in their business activity.

It’s a reminder that small business doesn’t just create community — it supports community too.

Alex has committed to keeping Bitten Goodfoods open and being a consistent presence in the local community, making use of any time off to make improvements to the store and focus on future growth.

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