We all know Australia is home to some of the world’s best independent breweries and distilleries – but did you know the majority of them are small businesses? Each one has their own unique identity and the owners really put their heart and soul into their craft.

We’ve all had a tipple or two over the last year and now its time to return the favour and back our local small distilleries. GO LOCAL FIRST next time you’re buying a bottle and find out if there are any independent brewhouses in your community, you’ll thank us later!

The Facts and figures on Breweries & Distilleries

Our Breweries & Distilleries are a
big part of keeping our economy strong

  • Australian distilleries consistently rank among the top 10 in the world.
  • A visit to the local pub is an Australian institution. Our pubs are serving more and more locally produced drinks so get down to your local and continue the Australian tradition.
  • The number of Australian breweries fell to just 19 in 1984. Thanks to the outstanding support of Australian’s they’re thriving again – but we need to keep supporting them to make sure we don’t lose them again.
  • Australia’s craft beer industry evolved from passionate beer lovers who tinkered with their home brew kits in their backyards, while we have world leading brewers now, we can’t forget where it all started

Tiny Bear
Distillery – VIC

Meet Damien, the owner of Tiny Bear Distillery, who produce artisan Gin Whisky, and all things local and delicious.

They were born back in 2017 after Damien, a long-time high school teacher decided it was time for a change and follow his dream.

He’s always had a passion to make the absolute best alcohol they can, and they’re fully committed to this, taking no shortcuts. Even better, they produce their offerings by employing local people, building their family and taking the utmost care in all aspects of the process.

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The business got the name “Bertie’s” from Bertie Bertram, who ran it on his return to Australia after fghting in WWII. It was so successful it was the chosen supplier of meat for the Queen’s visit to Australia for the 1956 Melbourne Olympics – making them “Butchers to the Queen”.